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The Generation of Diversity: Rethinking the Concept of Deviant Leisure

For a long period of time, the concept of leisure has been widely regarded as positive and healthy by the society, and it also plays a significant role in promoting individuals’ wellness and social functions. However, under the recent impact brought by postmodernism with emphasis on heterogeneity and diversity, the relevance and applicability of traditional leisure theory is necessary to be re-examined. Due to this reason, this paper aims to analyze the shaping process of mainstream leisure from the perspective of deviant leisure, and further to disclose the conflict between the idea of deviance and social norms, as well as the disagreements of the blurring boundaries between mainstream and non-mainstream culture. Based on the literature review, the result of this paper explores the consequence of how current leisure researches devaluate activities that violate social ideology. We argue that this inclination not only ignores the culture context within leisure among different generations, but also fails to examine the power structure that constitutes the normative boundaries, which should be perceived as an important issue because it involves the competition among different social dynamics.
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